Guangzhou Aipu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of customer first, friendly cooperation, adheres to the business philosophy of creating value and sharing success, and sincerely invites partners who are interested in the module power industry to jointly develop domestic and foreign markets.
Our advantage
1. The leader of the power module industry, with a number of invention patents, 14 years of focus on module power supply innovation, research and development, manufacturing, sales.
2, rich and perfect, customizable product line, provide stable, cost-effective products, some products have passed UL, CCC, CE, RoHS and other certifications, widely used in military, railway, electric power, medical, communications, automatic control and other fields.
3, the market response is rapid, with a sound after-sales system, logistics distribution system, service outlets throughout the country 30 cities.
4. Leading brands in the power industry, promoting and promoting online and offline media such as networks, TV, magazines, exhibitions, and outdoor advertising.
5, a sound marketing system, training system, production management system can help partners to quickly develop the market. Strong R&D team and automated lean production support make each partner free from worries and focus on market development.
Market planning
In order to further explore the regional market in China, the company plans to recruit agents, distributors and special dealers in the prefecture-level regional market, and is responsible for the local market to conduct business management.
For foreign markets, we sincerely invite experienced and experienced foreign trade partners to work together to develop potential markets in Central Asia, West Asia, Africa and South America.
Policy and support
1. The partners enjoy the right to use the trademarks and patents of our company (only for sales purposes), and we can provide OEM and ODM services.
2. The national unified price of conventional products, customized products enjoy price protection policies, different levels of partners enjoy different price policies, preferential policies, etc. After the customer files, our company strictly guarantees the interests of all partners.
3. Completion of the required sales is supported by market rebates and advertising expenses, and some products are provided free of charge.
4, perfect product knowledge, sales training system, to ensure that each partner quickly become a sales elite, module power experts, overall solution experts.
Agent cooperation requirements:
1. There are a number of high-quality customers with an annual turnover of more than 3 million yuan.
2. Have their own sales team, have strong public relations capabilities, and have regional market development capabilities.
3. There are relevant technical personnel who can handle general technical problems on site.
4. The enterprise has the requirements for industrial and commercial registration, and has been operating similar products or operating experience for more than 5 years.
5, each stocking amount of 100,000 yuan.
Dealer cooperation requirements:
1. There is a counter with a good position in the electronic market, with an annual turnover of more than 500,000 yuan.
2. Have a good business reputation and be able to pay back in time.
3. The enterprise has the requirements for industrial and commercial registration, and has been operating similar products or operating experience for more than 3 years.
4. The amount of stocking is 30,000 yuan each time.
Special dealer requirements:
1. Have high-quality customer resources accumulated or cultivated by yourself, and have experience in selling or operating module power supply.
2, can pay back in time, the annual turnover can be negotiated according to the actual situation.
Foreign trade partner requirements:
1. Have a good customer base and stable business contacts in foreign countries.
2. Experience in B2B foreign trade platform operation such as Alibaba and Global Sources.
3, Familiar with foreign trade process with power industry or electronic components trading experience.
Joining process:
1. Business negotiation: Customers who are interested in cooperation can contact us according to our information. We provide professional industry information, product knowledge, marketing solutions, network expansion plans, and customer management concepts.
2. Fill in the “Cooperation Registration Form” and provide business information: We need partners to provide the following information: company name, company address, telephone number, legal person, taxpayer identification number, bank account and account number and other relevant legal information.
3. Contract signing: The two parties negotiated on the market operation based on the win-win concept of mutual benefit and common development, reached agreement on business operation, marketing, service follow-up, brand promotion, etc., and signed cooperation contracts according to the negotiation content. The term of cooperation, the mode of cooperation, the operation area, the rights and obligations of both parties, and the liability for breach of contract shall be determined by contract to ensure the cooperation between the two parties is friendly, reasonable, fair and protected by law.
4. Start operation: After the contract is signed, Aipu Electronic Finance Department and the marketing department will establish cooperation files according to the business information provided by your company, conduct scientific management of business transactions between the two parties, and conduct professional guidance and scientific evaluation of the cooperation between the two parties. The cooperation between the two parties will implement various promotion and incentive measures to ensure the smooth development of cooperation, and let our services bring you great development and good market returns.